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Loire Valley

Thursday, July 7


Join us to explore the rich agrarian banks of the Loire River Valley. Famed for Sauvignon Blanc production, this exciting region is also home to some impressive Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir, all displaying a penetrating acidity and cutting mineral-edge. Tickets are $29

Tempting Tempranillo

Thursday, July 14


Tempranillo is one of Spain's most widely grown grape varieties and produces red wines ranging from light to full-bodied. A grape that really shows a winemaker's sense and style, it is often referred to as Spain's "noble" varietal. Join us to taste a tempting selection of these styles. Tickets are $29

Beat the Heat!

Thursday, July 21


Summer has arrived in the Greatest City in America, and we all need to cool off a bit. Come sip on a variety of fresh, youthful whites and reds all aimed at keeping your core temperature under control. An added bonus is that we keep the shop at cellar temperature, so come chill with us! Tickets are $19.

Portfolio Tasting: St. George Distillery

Thursday, July 28


America’s “OG” craft distillery, St. George was founded in 1982 and produces a bevy of unique spirits including eau de vie, brandy, gin, whisky and even absinthe. Join us to taste through our favorites. Tickets are $35 w/ $25 credit toward featured spirits.

Australia and New Zealand

Thursday, August 4
Come explore the wines of Down Under: magnificent Shiraz, charming Riesling, succulent and lush red blends, Sauvignon Blanc and more. Tickets are $19

Rhone Rangers

Thursday, August 11


Crafted from the same varieties that have flourished in southern France for centuries, these New World expressions are a fitting homage. Expect to taste Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Petit Sirah. Tickets are $29.

Exciting New Arrivals

Thursday, August 18


Everyone loves an old standby, but sometimes it’s nice to broaden your horizons, and your palate. Join us for a tasting of some of our new favorites; hopefully they’ll become yours, too. Tickets are $19.

Charming Chardonnay

Thursday, August 25
The queen of all grapes is grown around the world. As a result, Chardonnay is produced in a surprisingly wide range of styles. Taste your way around the world from crisp, clean and toasty Burgundies to creamy tropical Californians. Tickets are $29.
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Saturday, July 2


Binology 101: The Basics of Wine Tasting

We look at the typical characteristics of popular grape varietals and explain the terminology and... Read More

Thursday, July 7


Loire Valley

Join us to explore the rich agrarian banks of the Loire River Valley. Famed for Sauvignon Blanc... Read More

Saturday, July 9


Binology 102: A Guide to Food and Wine Pairing

Matching the right wine with the right dish is an invaluable skill. We'll explain which wines pair best... Read More
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New Arrival

Scala Dei "Prior" Priorat 2013, Spain

$25.99/bottle or $259.90/case of 12

This tremendous bottling from the region's oldest winery showcases classic Priorat in all its glory. Look for complex flavors of dark red fruits, black pepper and notable minerality on a seamless and well-built medium-to-full body. The best expression of old-school Priorat you'll find at this price point, hands down.